Purpose of school

1. Provide education to aim for student development excellence according to basic education standards, including developing students to have knowledge with the ability to monitor the progress of science and technology that can solve problems systematically and apply knowledge to everyday life more efficiently develop skills and enhance local knowledge so that students are able to integrate their lifestyles together and have lasting happiness in line with local and national needs. Have the ability to compete at national and international levels.

2. Is a school of hope and the future for the needy and disadvantaged children The school will accept children and provide scholarships to children with families and orphans with low incomes without discrimination, race and religion

3. Create students to be disciplined. Responsibility is able to live happily with others in the society and maintain the good cultural identity of the country, have social responsibility, loyalty to the King and adhere to religion, know and respect the rights, duties and freedom of oneself and those who Other according to democracy

4. Cultivate morality, ethics, and Christian desirable values ​​include encouraging students to have knowledge andunderstanding about hygiene and good habits.

5. Encourage students to conserve natural resources and the environment and build a society by using resources in a balanced way to learn about sufficiency economy, encourage students to help society. Promote innovation and increase knowledge to the fullest potential of all students.